Jingle Production

We get your customers singing your tune… literally!

Commercial jingle services for TV, RADIO, FILM, NEW MEDIA

Whatever your business – a local hardware or grocery store, a restaurant chain or national brand — we have a package for you at AFFORDABLE rates. You get national quality with local-style pricing, and an award winning talent pool!

Our team brings the experience, professionalism and creativity you are seeking for your next jingle. Whether singing underwater in a fishbowl, flying to England to record an orchestra, working with legends like Mel Torme or recording a 36-hour continuous session, we’ve done it all.

National experience, in our world class studios. Choose us for your next jingle.

Click here to listen to a fun interview with our own National Jingle artists/producers David Keith & Sherry Hackett.

Jingle Production TowerIn the early 90’s Crest launched a new toothpaste called Sparklemania (CLICK HERE), designed to make it fun to brush. It was one of the first live action and animated commercials. Our team created that demo in 20 minutes…that is a great story ….and complete “insania”!

We’ve got lots of great stories to share, and we offer total solutions providing you with a world-class studio, writers, composers & musicians. We make it fun, but we are also aware that time is money. We know how to get that jingle completed within your budget! Want lots of people to be singing YOUR tune?!

Songs create neurological links that associate brands! Let our national experience and world class studio produce your next jingle. Don’t worry if you don’t have lyrics or ideas, our creative team is happy to work with you. We will listen to your needs, create a fantastic demo, review it together, and get it done on time and budget. With the right team it can be that simple… and we do business NATIONWIDE, so distance is not a challenge!

Jingle Production FishbowlOur team has worked on jingles for: CREST, COOL WHIP, CRYSTAL LIGHT, BURGER KING, MANDEES, MARS, INC., COCA COLA, OSCAR MAYER (KRAFT FOODS), NYQUIL, & ZEST SOAP… just to name a few.

For quotes or to discuss your project please email us at jingles@californiaroadstudios.com or contact us by phone at 1.800.365.8273

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